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Our Story

Studio Syx Crystals is dedicated to the memory of 
                        Deborah Rae DaCruz
                               11/5/56 - 3/4/22

Since birth I have experienced  love and acceptance through healing and love.  I feel that my life's purpose is to heal and help people through mediumship and the natural healing powers of crystals. I hope to educate people with my knowledge of crystals.

I lost my mother Debroah Rae on 3/4/22. She was my light, my life, my hero, and I miss her everyday.  She was my #1 cheerleader and I promised her that I would share my gifts with the world.  She was diagnosed  Angiosarcoma.  I became her caretaker and in that three year period I leaned so much about the natural healing powers of crystals, essential oils, herbs food, and more. -Lisa

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